Wednesday, July 1, 2009

an exciting development in an extraordinary story!

Geometrical Abstraction by hexodus....
On May 7 I posted here on the work of Zanis Waldheims and conversations were had over his extraordinary body of work. I have had a fascinating comment come in from hexodus to say that at the beginning of this year he learned about his grandfather with whom he'd lost contact when he was young... his grandfather being the artist Waldheim. To read more on this amazing story go to here . It must be very affecting to meet the friends of his Grandfather who kept together sketchbooks, documents, personal effects, drawings, art pieces, annotated books, manuscripts, photographs, letters, films, audio tapes...from 1945 to 1993....and created a website dedicated to the artist. Thankyou for the message hexodus and best wishes on your journey!

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Hey thanks for writing this up, Sophie. It's definitely an amazing journey and I have been working hard to chronicle things for my friends on the Internet. I am putting more photos on Flickr, and some video on Vimeo.

What fascinates me most is that Zanis' work is basically unknown despite the fact that he was so prolific and his ideas were so well-articulated in his painting. I am thrilled to see people from all over the Internet discover his work, which I believe deserves a place in the canon of 20th century abstractionists. He was truly ahead of his time.