Saturday, July 11, 2009

thinking back to january...

                                 'City Rhythm' : drawing in colour pencil and oil pastel  on acrylic paint .    

Tonight I was downloading recent photos I have been taking for my current work on seeds and seedpods when I got sidetracked for a moment looking at images from January this year when I spent a most engaging 4 weeks in this studio at Victoria University's Melbourne (Australia) City Campus.

The Artist -in-residence program at this University was being launched for the first time and I was one of 3 able to claim a space on the 17th floor of the Uni building in the heart of the city for the month of January. Coming from Brisbane it was a most appreciated change of environment and pace which I absolutely relished...and the combination of access to an enormous space, few distractions, friends to catch up with and stay with in this fine city made for  a wonderful time.
You can see just how surrounded by the geometry of the city I was in this studio...which is why it took me a few days of puddling around and just starting by drawing lines, drawing myself into the city rhythm to arrive at where I was. Once I worked that through a bit I was off and trying out all sorts of ideas, out walking the city, going to galleries and bookshops... and generally enjoying the luxury of time to immerse myself in whatever came my way!

I was completely seduced by this row of townhouses below my window, in front of the white roof-top, each with a swimming pool on their terrace (which you might just be able to make out!). I would look out each day for the distant person who might wander out for a swim in one of  the pools...whilst the Melbourne summer temperatures started climbing.  
6 months later the pleasures of  this trip and the luxury of that massive studio space are on my mind. It came after a time of  extended illness and major change, relocation and new beginnings in Brisbane. On my return home, I spent a week in hospital (planned) and the next few of months getting back into

the this residency was a brilliant opportunity that came my way in the midst of flux. It was massively affirming to be able to have such a good start to the year and now that I am energised and well again I can see how much that valuable experience fostered something that transcended all the chaos of change and was an excellent preparation for what I am getting on with now.
Its interesting to consider the role of the unexpected events in our lives, the re-routings.... sometimes forced, sometimes not...! A number of really wonderful opportunities have turned up after the falling away of other things!


Chrissy Foreman C said...

Gorgeous artwork Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

much appreciated Chrissy!
S x