Sunday, July 5, 2009

javier jaen benavides- Barcelona, Spain

all these images were found on the blog of Javier Jaen Benavides and I have to admit I cannot read spanish so its best to refer to his wonderful blog to see more about his work. I like how much is conveyed through these images and the ideas represented in them. My attention was brought to this work above by the fabulous Thea from her blog which is also well worth a look!

NOTE: I posted this  a couple of days ago and just now,  2 days later, I am pleased to say Javier Jaen has come back to me with a translation of his Blog statement about his work:
Born in Barcelona in 1983, he has Graphic Advertising and Fine Arts studies. His work has its main focus on cultural and institutional campaigns, working for theatres, libraries and public office.
 He is director of the graphic experimentation fanzine
His work is in close relations with symbolic, ludicrous and two-sided languages, where subtractions and additions abound. He is interested in wordplay and the formal relations between literary and visual language.
He looks for narrative and aesthetic scenarios within close and everyday experienced contexts. His works involve techniques such as collage, appropriation, the object and image recycling.
Thanks for sending the translation javier jaen...shall look forward to see what is happening down the track with you!

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