Wednesday, July 29, 2009

revisiting a place of inspiration...

steps at the Newcastle Ocean Baths

Last night I arrived home from Newcastle  (Aust) where I spent the best part of 5 days catching up with friends and what's been happening there. 1 hour by plane and quite a bit cooler than was a wonderful time full of great reconnnections. More on those soon. In this post I have given a view of the coast and ocean baths where I spent much time in years past swimming, walking, reading and relaxing as well as drinking in the inspiration for my studio and musing over ideas that started here. The sharp, crisp winter light lent itself to these photos uncharacteristically empty of people, being both a weekday and winter. These ocean baths were constructed, I think ,in the 1930's...someone might actually know better than I...and are in the midst of restoration. Its a massive series of 3 pools. One very large pool is divided in to 2 areas really. One smaller section for laps with numbered lanes and one massive pool next to it. Just a little to the right near the rocks with sea crashing over it is is a huge round shallow pool designed for children that once had a large world-map painted on the bottom of it. I will post those images separately.

dividing walkway between 2 large pools facing the Pacific Ocean.

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