Saturday, July 18, 2009

Please Sir...

Just found this great blog called Please Sir , "devoted to passions like modern and vintage design, inspiring art and personal stories". Read more about this textile designer Diana or see what she posts on here. I've included just a few  images from her weblog to clue you into what I was seeing that I liked!

July 17 post: from Livingetc
July 14 post: the mended Spiderweb- Nina Katchadourian
July 6 post-chair from Molly-Meg

July 9 post: still-life by Burcu Avsar

July 2 post: Deborah Goldsman-the Spectre of Architecture

June 26 post: Andy Brayman's Matter factory


please sir said...

Sorry I'm so late on this, but thank you so much for the feature!

Sophie Munns said...

its never too late!
It was a pleasure.