Tuesday, July 7, 2009

indie art & design from Australia

Tonight I found this weblog featuring products made by independant Australian artists, designers and craftspeople founded originally as a personal project by Sydney graphic designers Carolyn and Martin in late 2006. Read here about their story. A directory of the designers and makers on their site is here. Comprehensive links to other indie sites are here.  The feature interview just now is with Simone Madigan from States of Nature.

photo by Carolyn from indie.com of States of Nature's mixed colour doily brooches (which I particularly love!)

Mixed colour doily brooches

Destination satchel printed with water based dye - sorry sold out
This Destination satchel printed by Simone with water-based dye seems to have been so popular it sold out!

Artwork by James Hancock, from the WATIM 12x12 exhibition
artwork from indie.com art and illustration pages by James Hancock, exhibitor in the 12 x 12 exhibition

This is a very innovative project well worth a look and featuring a large flock of creative talent of distinction. Of coarse I could have shown you so much more...I'll let you explore though!


Little Jane St said...

Hi Sophie:) Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog!

I love indie art and design - it is great isn't it?

Enjoy your afternoon.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for the lovely response Alarna!
am looking forward to seeing more of Indie art and design.

em said...

sophie, thanks for visiting my blog... you really have a nice collection of things here!