Saturday, July 11, 2009

the last week or two...

new work based on seeds- on the left a small canvas, behind it a larger work on board in ink and acrylic and on the right-framed seedpods saved last year from a walk in my neighbourhood. Below the black and white photo is of a tree very heavily-laden with seedpods outside a house a few streets from my home.

I have had some great meetings with new people of late... and along the way one conversation has led to another, this person has connected with that new idea...and somehow this has been just the catalyst i needed to move my project forward. Below is a basket full of another species of seedpods near found near home. I'm collecting pods and seeds and gathering more knowledge along the way. This took me to the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens recently where I have tapped into what may possibly be the tail-end (sadly) of the participation by the local Botanical gardens in the 'Seeds for Life'  Millenium Project carried out in conjunction with Kew Gardens in the UK. More on that soon!

I cant tell you what tree this is from but I was stunned by the size and colour of this bloom above on a quite large tree I passed on my walk the other day. Below is a vine growing on someone's car-shed...almost good enough for 2nd studio ....except its a bit open for our rainy climate!

a couple of large seeds from pods (front left)...the brown one quite mature, the green still not fully formed. More on seeds etc soon!


Lee Beth said...

That's great artwork.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Lee Beth!
Much appreciated!