Tuesday, July 21, 2009

quite curious and certainly enchanting!


For me ...it is almost beyond words looking at this amazing blog...this lettuce leaf sums it up for me. take an quite ordinary thing, place it somewhere neither predictable or unprecdictable, in some way we dont anticipate and...click...image taken! I feel my mind shifting as I trawl this blog...so curious...bravo Sophie Cuvelier!


Lee Beth said...

really great photos.

virginia said...

beautiful images...i will explore her blog.

off topic...i have seen nocha flamenca twice, and they are touring australia:


Sophie Munns said...

thanks for the comments both of you! I should have gone to bed right when i found this blog last night... I was so intrigued that of course I got waylaid and then had to post something!
It was worth it I think!
Do go look at her weblog...it is an experience!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Soph, you have really found something that I am getting lots of creative twinges about lately ~ around floaty-air-suspended-fragile-scultpures. I wonder where I'll head with this one? You and I seem to be plugged into the same power source at times me thinks!

Sophie Munns said...

Aren't they fantastic Chrissy! this find kept me up late last night... had to post something on it! Love at first sight.
Cant wait to see what you manifest next!
Soph x