Friday, July 31, 2009

Una Rey : The Wonder paintings and From the Valley floor.

Catching up with friends was a total delight last weekend when I went south for 5 days. One artist friend Una Rey has been incredibly busy nearing completion of her PhD in Fine Art at Newcastle University. I met Una after commencing a MFA there in 2007. She has juggled family commitments with writing an exegesis and Studio Practice, exhibiting in Melbourne during May at Place Gallery and a final show at the University Gallery coming up soon. Recently Una moved into a wonderful new Studio which I wandered around taking photos on Monday and savouring her paintings again. In the July 09 Art Monthly Australia Una had an article  'Paint: the Language' included which is connected to her current focus for her PhD. Read about the Wonder exhibition by clicking on Una's name above. Best wishes for the final months of hard work Una!


nathalie et cetera said...

Hii Sophie! Thanks for visiting! It's my first time here and I really like what I'm seeing. I have to come back and have a longer look.
Have a great weekend!

Sophie Munns said...

Nice to hear from you Nathalie as I have added you to my blog list...

Yvonne Anderson said...

I am enjoying looking at art in NZ. There are many lovely artists, one of which allowed me and my husband to go to her studio at the back of the shop to see what she was working on!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Yvonne,
I loved the opportunity to see so much fantastic Art on a 2 week North Island NZ trip I made 3 years ago. There was so much quality to the work, irreguardless of genre and medium.Lucky you to be invited in!
probably many artists are waiting to be asked...I find them unbelievably willing to share images over the net if asked first. We tend to get stuck thinking we cant cross certain boundaries.I loved going into Una's stduio..the artist on this post...becuase so much is there to be seen!