Monday, July 6, 2009

Sigrid Sandstrom: a visual moment where the plasticity of space is tested...

'Utan titel' 2007

'Utan titel' 2009
Taking words from the artist's statement out of context is perhaps problematic... but I like to find an open-ended thought from the artist's own words that can linger  with you as you take in the work!
Here is the work of Swedish artist Sigrid Sandstrom who resides in the US even though she is currently living and working in Stockholm. Graciously Sigrid has offered me permission to post on her paintings here. To read the artist's statement about the work click here. I was quite intrigued by the work of this artist going back in time. The website is worth looking at for those interested in abstract painting , especially the spacial dimensions -explored in all of the work I viewed. Sigrid has worked with other media as well in her art practice. 
The colour palette and dynamic variation of painterly areas and crisp, flat lines and spaces  is fascinating!

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