Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anna Hepler: exploring complexity and restfulness

I came across work by this artist recently and was very drawn to her way of working with space and also the predominance of the sphere. After gaining Anna's blessing to show her work I took time to investigate her work more fully, finding this quote from Anna "there is nothing more restful than the perfect circle. The sphere is one of those perfect forms that allows you to appreciate the chaos without being overwhelmed because you are contantly held in stillness by the overall shape".  I like the way her work has a wonderful dynamic quality and yet it is contained as she suggests.Much of the artist's work explores the fragility of fleeting moments.
For an excellent series of images and more on Anna Hepler's work visit her blog and her website.


Chrissy Foreman C said...

Ooh ~ her work is divine! I'm really getting into large sculptural pieces at the moment ~ and perhaps being drawn to having a fiddle with the idea myself!
Hope you've been well Soph ~ I haven't dropped off the planet, just been super involved in juicy work!

Sophie Munns said...

Your huge Globe on your blog post must have been amazing to make! Shall look forward to seeing it when it is finished! These sculptural works by Anna do look amazing dont they! That large one in the vast gallery space is so appealing!
see you soon you busy gal!
S x

Yvonne Anderson said...

Gorgeous work.....