Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February ... 2015

I'm sure we haven't seen the last of summer in the sub-tropics but its been a most pleasant week or so here... cooler and easier for trying to concentrate on work. 

I've started work in earnest on the book that's been on the cards for ages.

Today I collected a Limited Edition print which had been ordered for a client and thought I would post it here.

The image below is a stretched Limited Edition print on canvas for a client last year. The artwork was wrapped around the wooden stretched frame... a mirror image of the artwork that is. I particularly liked the way this worked in real life. 

However this work below which was painted last winter... an unframed work on linen, 200 cm x 100 cm, required a different approach for the Limited Edition print.

“Homage to our common inheritance” by Sophie Munns, 2 m x 1 m 

The original artwork has a frayed selvage that I stitched in natural linen to strengthen. The work was given a layer of an Atelier varnish to seal the ink and paint surface on linen in addition to the surface having been sealed as an undercoat prior to working on this piece.

On this framed print the frayed edge is revealed on the front of the work rather than attempting to wrap the design around the frame.

Making a print from a work this large required professional scanning at an extremely high resolution which thankfully has produced an excellent quality print. 

Unfortunately the lighting on the work was not ideal for taking images this evening ... it seems to have thrown a warm glow on most of the images thus affecting the authentic colours. Apologies for this somewhat annoying problem.

These close-ups give some idea of the effect of the print at least.

The image below is ironically more true to the colours... 
however its not a good image or resolution.

The other task of the moment I am very focused on is the book project that has been gestating for a few years.

The weekend just passed was spent working on a draft of sorts! The computer clearly was useless for trying to capture essential material for a book which will rely heavily on text, image and a somewhat unorthodox composition of concepts... (hopefully)!

Instead I've gone for watercolour paper ... It comes in 50 sheets per pack... 300gms, acid-free , cold pressed, 210mm x 100mm + using pigmented ink pens, lightproof, permanent + waterproof.

I've tried books of every size, cheap A4 paper, computer, a private blog, post-it stickers... you name it.

And this time it's working the way I need it to!

One of my favourite painting projects was carried out on these excellent paper sheets. Once this stage is completed and I begin to transform material into pages on my computer I could paint over work on these cards if I don't wish to save them.

I'm reminded how reliant my process can be on shifting between idea, text and image. Images are not purely illustrations and diagrams... articulating far more than words at times. It's filmic in some ways... and this is the Story-board. I can't be concerned with how it flows or comes together yet... all that matters is managing to assemble the disparate parts of something that's been long gestating.

Capturing the key themes, musing on stages of one's Art Practice over decades offers much to consider. The challenge to pare back... to lift out what is essential. The search for central motifs and the leading thoughts is everything at the moment.

I hope February is proving stimulating for you... with good challenges that are enriching.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Greetings + a 2015 Calendar.

I hope 2015 has started well for you wherever you may be. 

Slow time at home has been very pleasant... perhaps the humidity of last week here in Brisbane I could have lived without ... but its certainly timely, as one year ends and another begins, to reconsider ones place in the scheme of things.

Ive not been posting regularly here anymore yet I find I am meeting blogging friends at Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc so that is one consolation for not having time to spend here.

Today I took delivery of the 2015 Calendars that people ordered when I posted them on FB and Instagram. At this stage I'm only able to offer them Australia-wide were they can be purchased by Direct Debit and once the order is paid for I place my order with the printer. 

Just leave a message if you wish to know more or email me here.

If you wish to connect follow the Homage to the Seed FB page, or find me on Pinterest or at Instagram!

May 2015 be a truly rewarding year for you all!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


OPEN STUDIO week concluded yesterday after 9 busy days open from Midday most days.

The experience was well-timed for a complete makeover of the space... paintings came down off the walls and works on paper wall-papered the entire space.

It was incredibly refreshing and stimulating with all this material around... those who may have thought it too maximal were too polite to say and many found it interesting  and took time to gaze at things.

The Artist talks were a really productive part of the 9 day event... I so enjoyed having two artists come to share their stories and work... and I also ended up doing two different talks on the journal process which was a very unique experience to actually be surrounded by so many of my journals and works to refer to. Often I talk with a Slideshow for prop... quite a good process as the images are lively... however the intimacy of this weeks talks prompted a great discussion through sharing primary materials first hand!

Some of my journals

...on the table after the groups left Sunday morning.

I'd forgotten what was included in some of these journals not looked at in ages. 

Wednesday's talk with Lesa Hepburn was fantastic .... she brought fibre and paper samples and did a demo of some paper-making processes which got my imagination working. I am planning to go to an exhibition at Redcliffe near where she lives this weekend featuring Paper. I rather wished this talk have been taped ... I felt like I was hearing so much I wanted to know more of!

I certainly hope to see much more of Lesa Hepburn's work... her knowledge and experience leaves one wanting to learn much more!

On Friday afternoon I was delighted to have photographic artist Renata Buziak at the studio doing a talk on her fascinating Biochromes ... a process she developed with photographic materials and decomposing plant matter that is really something to observe.

Her time lapse images were stunning and the range of ways she has applied her work absolutely riveting. Through the period of her current PhD her exploration of plants used in medicine and healing has grown ... taking her back to the cultural context of her homeland Poland and to the Indigenous people of North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay.

The one thing about this 9 day Open Studio I particularly valued was the exchanges... I went into it having worked alone in the studio most of the year... often in a really intense and ultra focused way. Through these new interactions I found I was able to hold onto that atmosphere of it being a dense thinking space... but in a an entirely different  and collaborative way.

I've started this new week considerably refreshed by the experience ... keen to follow up on some excellent exchanges and ideas... even possible collaborations with the artists.

I worked this afternoon with Renata at the school project 100 Futures Now we've both been part of this year... tomorrow an exhibition of what was created with Yr 8 Students will be shown to parents and friends.

The Studio is going to be OPEN each THURSDAY till Xmas and by appointment if anyone wishes to visit. Sophie is on 0430 599 344.... call or text a message if you wish to get in contact.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Special events during OPEN STUDIO WEEK!

Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 22nd the doors open at Midday for a 9 days Open Studio event. To bring further dimension to the Studio offerings there will be a Communal Drawing started tomorrow called #TheBigSeedDraw which you can read about below... and several Artist Talks which you can read about here!

artist talks at 
All talks are free ..simply rsvp to be sure of a seat and arrive early to take in what's happening at Seed.Art.Lab Studio during this event and ongoing! 

Over three afternoons later next week an Artist will be telling about their work with plants and nature... three very different stories, approaches and art practices. I hope you will enjoy this if you are able to join us at all!

+ wednesday 26th 1.30pm

Natural Fibre Artist Lesa Hepburn: talk + demo

Lesa is an artist working in handmade paper and natural plant fibres with a strong focus on sustainable arts practice working with available natural materials, recycled materials and low impact processes. 

Lesa Hepburn can be found at her website , 

I think you can see why I was delighted to have Lesa come and talk at Seed.Art.Lab next week. 

+ thursday 27th 2pm

Sophie Munns: How a life-long immersion in the journal process 
has shaped current project 'Homage to the Seed'

I have included an afternoon to talk about my work... obviously if you miss this but wish to come on another day... + any of the OPEN DAYS up until Xmas I can share some of the material with you then!

Some of my older journals

The Cairns journal

If you have visited my blogs or other sites you might have gathered that journals have long been important in my Art Practice ... this is a chance to see some of the journals from over the years and see how important that have been in the developing process of my ongoing practice and current project. The Studio Archive blog has referred often to the journal process.

+ friday 30th 2pm 
Photographer Renata Buziak :

'Biochromes' ~ where nature + photography meet.

I got to know Renata in 2010 when on residency at Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane Botanic Gardens. She had been Artist-in-Residence there in 2008 and I've followed her journey over the last number of years with fascination ... this year reconnecting when both of us were working in a School AIR Project.

I'm very pleased to have her come on the Friday next week for a personal glimpse into her work, her exciting approach and unique vision of nature.

Yellow Buttons : Renata Buziac

Renata Buziak can be found at her website and on Facebook.

PLEASE BOOK A SEAT to these free talks... it will greatly help with out organisation on the day! ph: 0430 599 344 or email!


I'm delighted to have new work available in archival quality Limited Edition Prints.

Ask for more information!

And to finish off ... 

about the Big Seed Draw ... #thebigseeddraw

You can always find my on Instagram and FB at Homage to the Seed. 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prepping for the 9 day OPEN STUDIO week at Seed.Art.Lab

Busy days at the moment making sure everything is organised. Saturday is a few sleeps away and if there is one thing I've noticed about holding OPEN STUDIO events its feeling you can always do more or be more prepared.

However ... really half the thing it seems to me is getting into a social mood and finding ways to make it a lively and joyful event. That was easy yesterday when new intern Jessica Olorenshaw joined me to set up.

If you tired to read the tiny print it say there will be artist talks and a demo or two... yes... more coming on that soon.

And of course I'm offering free sessions of the BIG SEED DRAW with prizes drawn at the end of the event picked from names of those who posted about the #thebigseeddraw on Twitter, FB or Instagram! Stay tuned!

Jessica helping me decide what to hang where for my Black and White wall... images mainly come from residency stints or carious studio phases!

The top wall is work from the Institute of Molecular Bioscience... it was great to included that with other very different seed inspired work.

This was a work I was really pleased to include .... its made up of 10 or so panels of work on paper that I determined could possibly work well installed as an assemblage.

I refrained from stitching or gluing the panels so it can be altered... so this is it ....  for the moment anyway!

Please call or email if thou have any questions and don't forget you may make a time to suit you. All work is for sales unless clearly marked!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Save the Date: Seed.Art.Lab in November + the BIG SEED DRAW!

Its a quick post today to mention an upcoming OPEN STUDIO event at Seed.Art.Lab Studio in November. Throughout the year I've opened occasionally on Thursdays from Midday, putting notices out through FB and Instagram. 

It was a great way to test the waters ... all very informal ... with low-key promo. Many weeks I was too busy or away which is why the casual approach was so helpful. 

I had an excellent time meeting new people and catching up with some I'd met before. Friends dropped in and I found a good rhythm for running the Open Studio days. A bonus was the studio was getting put in order.... it was easier to find things and get a fresh start afterwards too. When painting deadlines became crucial it was simply a matter of opting out till life was settled again.

Elizabeth Santillan, Brisbane Photographer, from her shoot at my studio.

It will be a year exactly since the launch of the Studio... well worth celebrating I thought.

Deciding to Open over 9 days struck me as a good idea when everyone is getting so busy at this time of year. There's a few ideas also being discussed for small events to run during this time.

WHEN:   Two weekends + any day during the last week of November
WHERE:  Meemar St, Chermside
INFO: Email, phone or text for more information ~ 0430 599 344

Once all the details are worked out I will be posting more info here and on FB Page : Homage to the Seed and Instagram. 

 Stay tuned for info on special events during   OPEN STUDIO WEEK!               

One of the activities planned for this OPEN STUDIO week is a communal BIG SEED DRAW. On my recent Residency I set up a drawing table, brought in baskets of seed material for inspiration, some books and artwork and set people up with sepia ink and and brushes. It didn't matter who came and who left... the idea is simply to be together working on shared paper and conversing about the task at hand and the beauty and value of seeds.

I'l be running a REALLY  big BIG SEED DRAW event on November 16th in Brisbane as one of many cultural activities at the G20 Cultural Festival happening for 3 weeks.

Read about this BIG SEED DRAW event here...  let me now if you are in Brisbane and interested to join us.

Its a FREE event and it will be buzzing with all kinds of activities by the river ...  I'm going to be in a Marquee next to the local Community Garden where they will be doing demos ... all very in theme!

The Studio after a huge spring clean following a 2 month painting spree!

Friday, October 17, 2014

An exhibition st Mobilia Gallery

Time to update on what's been happening at Seed.Art.Lab Studio.

After the May Plantbank residency 2014 seems to have flown. From late June to late August considerable hours were dedicated to painting three large works for a Textiles exhibition currently being held in the US, at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

During the painting phase I updated often on Instagram and FB page... and below are images of the works which have been professionally photographed and are now available as Limited Edition Archival prints. Enquiries here ... I'll add a link when formal online sales are organised.

 The show opened October 10th but a formal reception is being held Saturday week.. see here:

 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. 
 RSVP 617-876-2109 or 

Text from my website:

The series, approx, 1 m x 2 m, is painted in acrylic and pigmented ink on-stretched Linen, featuring frayed edges, and stitched with Irish linen thread. A May residency earlier this year (tab: 2014) at the Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan 's new seed research facility PLANTBANK presented a huge array of Australian species, seed collections and related material which was important fresh inspiration for this artwork in addition to the body of material on Seeds gathered over the last 5 years. 

The motifs in these works are abstractions of seed forms, drawn from pods, seed capsules, seeds themselves, and also in the case of the third work, from the motifs that the artist became familiar with many years ago when looking into the symbolic language of diverse ancient and indigenous cultures. A statement which puts this work in perspective can be read here.

'Antipodean Inheritance I'      1m x 2m

'Antipodean Inheritance II'     1m x 2m

'Homage to our common inheritance'      1m x 2m

This week I've spent on residency in Brisbane at Food Connect but I'll update that at my Homage to the Seed blog tonight. So check in soon.