Sunday, July 5, 2009

reasons to be cheerful: part 10

Virgilio Guidi (1891- 1984)

"girl at the window" 1921
I have borrowed from a title of a song by a UK group I happen to be rather fond of called 'Lemon Jelly' with the reasons to be cheerful bit as it seemed such an appropriate (if quirky) way to honour this rather superb and quite wondrous blog that the image "girl at the window" by Guidi comes from on their July 4 post. The blog is Art in Connu and specialises in little-known and under-appreciated art. i can think of at least 10 reasons to be cheerful that this blog exists.
!. We hear so much of really so few of the doers in histories of any kind...let alone art.
2.Whilst focusing on 19 and 20th century art it is not limited to this.
3. Collections are catorgorised into comprehensive topics.
4. Nationalities of artists listed are broad-reaching.
5. great links to other Art-related blogs
6.  Exensive list of art resources
7. Artist website links related to research on blog
8. a wealth of imagery from accomplished artists.
9.diverse ideas and approaches to painting for inspiration
10. your thoughts on viewing this blog!

"Reading Girl" by Heinz Tetner ( 1920-2007)

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