Monday, July 13, 2009

Sigrid Sandstrom: from 2005

On an earlier July post: July 6, 2009  I presented 3 recent works by the artist Sigrid Sandstrom. Scroll down to view these works or click here and you can read more about this artist's work. i particularly love the richness of colours in this work!

'jugendforest', acrylic on polycarbonate, 18 x 20 "


nevin said...

Just beautiful!

Sophie Munns said...

thanks for the lovely comment Nevin...all that blue kind of hits you the way the other colours are used!

malo said...

I love her work. I can't express in english the feelings her painting awakes but the use of aqua marine blue is amazing. And the depth and the shapes...

Sophie Munns said...

I shall have to send the artist these lovely comments...She is in Stockholm this year I think...maybe showing her work before she leaves?
I will ask.
I sense what you are saying...its wonderful to be affected so. Today I sat in a very unusual cafe which is like the front room of someone's house...quite bohemian but stylish. The owner opened to the door into her private space which was another living room and I glanced up at the right moment and saw the most astonishingly beautiful panting of mountains and a lake...perhaps an image painted from the South Island of New Zealand...or maybe the northern hemisphere ...somewhere nearer you. The colours now i think of it were not unlike the colours of this painting. It was all I could do to sit in my chair and not run and ask to view it properly. I actually sat and wondered how I could make a more intimate aquaintance because i have heard the owner is a very private person and I would love to see that painting again.
S x