Sunday, July 5, 2009

between solitude and unbridled communication...

Researching a particularly  interesting blog this evening by the Manchester Hermit- artist Ansuman Biswas, currently living confined in a Gothic Tower at the Manchester Museum for 40 days and 40 nights, took me on quite a journey. Really, to do justice to the story take time if possible to read it for yourself. In the artist's own words:
"i feel a deep dismay at the ecological crisis facing humanity, which I experience as a loss of beauty. And I feel challenged to respond using the full weight of my training as a contemplative and an artist. But along with this strong agenda I am also interested in an art which is abstract or open-ended.  
The tension between purpose and play is also an essential condition of the hermit, who is introverted but has a social role. i am interested in exploring precisely this ambiguity...    ...the hermit sees right through himself by fully appreciating the immense variety of phenomena, without either coveting or rejecting any of those phenomena. "     The title of this post comes from the artist writing about the space in which the hermit exists. 

Ansuman Biswas
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images from the Tower

The Tower08

The Tower05
The Tower06
Diatom-  posted July 2

About Alchemy
an image of The Beloved and Forsaken exhibition, showing many pill boxes in the foreground and some biological spirit specimens in the background.
Also happening in conjunction with The Manchester Museum is  a research programme called Alchemy, a project initiating and facilitating artists access to The Manchester Museum and The University of Manchester. Artist fellowships, curating opportunities, research and access to collections for contemporary art projects are made possible with Arts Council England Funding.

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