Monday, July 20, 2009

out for a walk...

a walk in my neighbourhood takes me past old and new places...but I am most partial to the older Brisbane homes which feel so right for the climate. The top house is probably less characteristic in that it does not have open verandahs or much garden surrounding the house...but it is across the road from an extremely popular park and picnic spot. Below it is this second white house in a suburb of many white houses. Not so many have such an imposing staircase leading to the front door though! This verandah was meant for afternoon teas with china tea cups. Sadly there were no signs of life when I have walked past!


malo said...

Oh to walk those stairs with an exiting party ahead. Beautiful in its extravaganca.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Malo,
thanks so much for responding. Wouldn't it be lovely to be arriving at a party there! I just discovered your gorgeous other blog....Malo in the garden...dont know how i missed that before.
Best wishes,