Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Botanique" at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens, Brisbane

this image is from a previous event held at the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens featuring wearable art made by artists from around the Brisbane region.

Bettina is actually heading up organisation for this wonderful event on in October. She can often be found at the Gardens in her role as a guide. We met
 recently when I participated as a volunteer in the 'Seeds for Life'  project at Mt Cootha.

Artists living in the Brisbane region of Australia whose work includes or extends to Wearable Art are being invited to get in touch with organisers of this year's "Botanique" exhibition and parade to be held in mid October. 31st of August is the date for final make contact this week with the lovely Bettina Palmer- to find out more. It is a great showcase for textile designers, fabric artists and the Botanical Garden setting. Besides the catwalk in the Japanese Garden there is a bazaar over several days which is well suited to those who may design original accessories, jewellery and such.  


janis said...

This is wonderful Sophie, the wearable art is fabulous!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for the lovely message. I shall tell Bettina! This should be a very interesting event. I'm planning to print fabric with seedpods and either find someone to sew a fabulous outfit...or draw on my skills from 26 years ago when i was a mad keen user of a sewing machine and heavily inspired by japanese designers!
I hope its like riding a bike...its been a long time!
Keen to see what you're up to I must say!
S x