Wednesday, July 22, 2009

nourish me lives up to its promise!

Spices by Lucy - Nourish Me.
This is the image that headed the previous blog of Lucinda's at Nourish Me. Sincethe beginning I sense that there has been a consistency to the lovely,  earthy tone of her blog. When I emailed to seek permission to post some of her wonderful images she explained that her training and interest in drawing has been diverted to working with film cameras in recent years. Given my own interest in cooking and food that comes from the earth largely unadulterated I was immediately drawn to the honesty of her photographs of simple foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and so on. The care and soulfulness is all there...a quiet beauty that is easily lost in overly contrived food styling.
This is not contrived...this is a visual and written celebration of everyday bounty that really is quite precious!

23rd of May 065
beetroot and lemon broth a lovely copper pot. Love the sublime colour in this image!

28th of December by Lucy - Nourish Me.
'right beneath my childhood bedroom window' was the caption with this one from Lucinda's flickr site.

18th of November  by Lucy - Nourish Me.
mushroom close up

Jo's kitchen by Lucy - Nourish Me.
old window pane...a kind of bubble glass captures the light astonishingly well!

Solstice Cake by Lucy - Nourish Me.
an egg cracked open...exquisite!  Reading this blog left me wanting to head straight to the kitchen. Great recipes too I must add. Thanks  for the inspiration Lucinda!


Lucy said...

Sophie...what an incredibly generous soul you are! Such a delight to have found you.

I'd almost forgotten about that eggshell shot. The window pane, too.

Lots for me to peruse in your archive - shall do. X

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you so much Lucy. I really must say your blog did work on my senses....slowly...not instantly! When I went to flickr and looked for extra images to post I found that your photos had that slow but sure impact on me...unlike eye-candy which can be momentarily thrilling...these photos had a quietness...I could feel something coming through that was so soulful... photos of cutlery on a sink... suddenly domesticity felt very much the meditative process it can be when our lives are in sinc with it as opposed to that feeling of being in an endless arguement with our daily tasks...quite Zen-like perhaps.
Lovely to visit with you Lucy!
Sophie x

Chrissy Foreman C said...

These pics are stunning and gentle. Ahhh, like a slow sigh out.

Sophie Munns said...

Im sure Lucy will love to hear that...well said Chrissy!
S x