Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I wrote to tim [at] lottieanddoof [dot] com after finding this website the other night.
I was really taken with every detail about this site... if you think the photos are excellent then look at all the other aspects of the blog...the writing, the content, the interest in organic, certainly fresh real food sources from markets and quality purveyors. There is humour , useful info and ideas and art.  Then i look up  ABOUT and discover the guy has indeed done serious time in Fine Arts ...hence the almost painterly frittata below...the colour and truth to materials approach to the raw produce. I suggest you peruse this weblink at leisure and have a go at one of the scrumptious cakes or excellent dishes soon. Thanks Tim for the great response to my email and permission to use photos and pass it on! 

The Egg Trilogy, Part I   posted wednesday january 14th, 2009 on the Lottie & Doof  blog
       Eggs with Gruyere and Dijon Mustard Croutons

Market Frittata   (Egg Trilogy:  Part II)  Frittata with scallion and chives...guess who 
went to art school?  Saturday May 9, 2009

Carrots with Caraway and Grapes.  I love food that looks like it is alive!


Roasted pineapple with pink peppercorns   ...living here in northern Australia ( Queensland to be precise) 
where pineapples are abundant ...this recipe will have to be tested out this winter!


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