Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rosanna Bruno: from a post on friday May 29th at

It's such a pleasure for me to trawl  a painter's blog and find work that intrigues or resonates with some of my own preoccupations as a painter. I love to find stimulation from looking into a great many areas of creative endeavour, evidenced in the posts  I have been adding  since I began blogging on the first of May month ago! One's imagination can be fed from many directions...and yet I have an abiding passion for the abstract in Painting...even though I can be affected by hugely diverse forms of art and styles of painting. 

Two Coats of Paint is a blog created by Sharon  L Butler ...(her painting is shown below) share news, commentary, reviews and background information about painting in 2007. The painting by Rosanna Bruno above is from the most recent blog on Two Coats of Paint which also links many art/arts related blogs.

A series of images from the artist's sketchbooks that were published as digital prints.
Refer to post on wednesday, may 27th in the artist blog.

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