Friday, May 1, 2009

Photos from January, 2009, whilst on an artist-in-residency program for 4 weeks during Victoria University's summer break. The studio, located on the 17th floor of the Uni's city campus at 300 Flinders St, was a fantastic location for a 4 week painting sojourn In Melbourne. Spectacular views in every direction, and the proximity to the city's abundantly layered cultural outpourings. 
I found the change from my leafy, green surrounds in Brisbane quite shocking for a few days in the sense that I was all ready to paint and all I had before me were these geometric towers of glass and disconcertingly different from my brisbane preoccupation with seed pods and vegetation. 
I adapted soon enough and found a rhythm that was punctuated by visits to lane-way cafes and catch ups with friends.
Nights spent in the studio became later and later...relief from the heat that came as january closed in. Jumping on the tram late at night to get back to the home of friends in St Kilda became a peaceful reverie at the end of a long day of paint and city geometry.
This wonderful experience was a catalyst for a number of developments and reconnections with great those who so generously hosted me during my stay....huge thanks Carolyn, James and family, Michael, and Janita, Roland and family. Also Megan, Shane, Eva, Leanne and Robbie for great hospitality.
Big thanks to Carolyn Cardinet, Peter Bourke and Co at Vic Uni for coming up with this whole great Alumni project and reunion in the first place which is why I ended up doing the residency seemingly out of the blue!

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Chrissy Foreman C said...

Welcome Sophie - You have such a beautiful way of writing - so engaging to read. Your blog looks really fantastic, well done!!!