Friday, May 22, 2009

Beatriz Milhazes..-selected works-James Cohan Gallery

This wonderful brazilian artist shows in New York at the James Cohen Gallery  - -
go to artists and view the video under her name on this site. Its truly fabulous! Look at the coloured windows...reminiscent of Matisse's chapel at Vence ...but the colours are hers...and so is the imagery and energy!

Detail Image
Gamboa, 2008 Iron and Mixed Media

Detail Image

Detail Image
Peace and Love, 2005, Gloucester Rd Station Project, London

Detail Image
Window instillation as part of survey exhibition  "Beatriz Milhazes:  Paintings and Collages" Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2009

Detail Image

set design for Marcia Milhazes Contemporary Dance Company, 2008
Detail Image


angela said...

welcome to blogging! vibrant inspirational posts.

you might enjoy:
she's great.

I need to get back up to speed with posting...too much lag time!


Sophie Munns said...

Thank you for the warm response and the tip with florizel. Will investigate!

Shall look forward to keeping up with your blog...a time lag is not so bad...the fact is it was such a uniquely curious, clever yet spirited site that any posts will likely be savoured and stay with one.

best wishes with your endeavours!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

This post pulled at my solar plexus strings. How utterly beautiful this work is!! Ahhhhh .... Thanks for another amazing find Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

I first saw her work last year...and it stayed living with me...a sure sign that something very powerful resonates in this artists work! Im pleased I remembered to look at her work yesterday and pass it on.
Its wonderful to see the work in 3 dimensions as well as 2D. And I am curious as to the name of the dance company... a sister to the artist perhaps?
Thanks for responding Chrissy!

lisa tilse said...

Hi Sophie - your blog has so many lovely things on it! I just LOVE this work. It's breathtaking.

Sophie Munns said...

Thankyou Lisa.
Isn't this artist's work splendid. Each time i see it I do find myself catching my breath! That image of the male and female dancers embracing is for me really special...the colours and lighting with the 3D Art stage setting is such a celebration....tender, yet vibrant!

Your complimentary words re my blog are much appreciated given your delightful "the red thread" blog was a definite for my Blog List.