Thursday, May 7, 2009

One man...two magnificent projects... the art of Jim Denevan



"Outstanding in the field" is both a farm to table cookbook and the name of the annual traveling program of culinary celebrations at the source. It brings together local farmers, food artisans, chefs and winemakers as they travel all over the US at long tables set up in fields, by water, even in urban settings like city community gardens...right at the source of the food on the evening's menu. The old bus below transports the chefs from place to place all through the warmer months of the year. The public are invited to book a seat before the start of each season...its booked out generally well in advance. Read more at about this fantastic project and the projects they also raise money towards.

the bus

A completely different focus for jim Denevan are his freehand drawings in sand, which become drawn environments, land art, colossal art works which you can read about on his website   I read about him in       "Dumbo feather" the gorgeous australian magazine which my wonderful friend Louie gave me a subscription to a year ago. Have a look at the giant drawing on sand below.




fanny said...

Jim Denevan seems to be an interesting man ! Both projets are really beautiful.
Thanks for your mail and comments Sophie ;)

Sophie Munns said...

I would love to visit any of JIm Denevan's projects ...fascinating for sure!
Looking forward to checking in to your wonderful blog often. Best wishes Fanny.