Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brilliant organic cooking class at Wrays Organic, Brisbane

A week ago I attended a truly engrossing and delicious cooking class in Newmarket, at one of the four Wray Organic
stores located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. There is always more to learn about great produce and good cooking...
and learn I did. There was so much to see and find out about. Recipes were jotted down as we chopped and discussed
the 6 delicious salads prepared by the fabulous Deborah Wray, store owner and creative cook with a background in Performing Arts and the Wine Industry. Both these former occupations were evident in the finesse and complexity of Deborah's presentation and the food served up was alive and provocative for both the taste buds and our habits of thinking. The range of salad items extended to all kinds of asian greens and unusual flavour combinations. Not a lettuce or tomato in sight, we instead got to try a quinoa and rice pasta, with crumbled tofu dressed in lime juice and tamari, lifted with loads of fresh mint, coriander, shallot and tatsoi...with a dribble of peanut oil at the finish! For one rather fond of good Italian pasta, and not enamoured with the wonders of tofu, I was converted...a case of divine inspiration.
Deborah wants to surprise and educate, to inform about the actual origin of produce, with stories of the farms where it all comes from. At the moment it seems (some of) these classes are free to the public...(You'd better check that)...but they are ridiculously good. I was back a few days later for lunch at the cafe and to pick up some I guess that
evening of education doesn't fail to convert many who think if its organic it is going to be expensive. Think again!!! of course some things have higher prices. But I was shocked at how affordable much of this very good quality produce is...and the specials on offer any given week! The Cafe  blackboard menu here features delightfully affordable items that are delicious and loaded with great drinks and excellent coffee!
I have to say ....this is no ordinary store....there is a great deal of artfulness in the whole concept and delivery! All that's in danger here is our habitual thinking and preconceived ideas.
Why wait to travel overseas for a different food experience...try this fabulous place...and see if they have any classes happening soon!
wray newmarket store

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Mary K said...

Kimberly, Idaho is along way to go here. I think I would love to be able to eat her and visit with you. Your art is very cool.
Mary Kopydlowski