Sunday, May 3, 2009

work from Sophie's studio...variations on a theme...seedpod motif

This oval form echoes the pod like motif somewhat. it is in acrylic and (mainly) ink on canvas. painted in melbourne whilst on residency this summer it was a gift to my generous hosts in St Kilda...Thanks to Janita, Roland and Co!

"Seedpod I" This work above is ink on linen... a very layered and textured result makes for an interesting surface gives it a sense of depth. My fascination with multi-dimensionality is hinted at...miscro and macro words and the notion of the ever-expanding universe.

the seedpod motif suspended in space...floating, fluid, watery...the element of water another great love of mine.
Gaston Bachelard quote says it all..."liquid language" evocative! Inks and acrylics are used here on paper.
This is a photo of me in my Brisbane studio (Qld, Australia) surrounded by books, papers, journals and such paraphenalia that are my most treasured possessions!

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