Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its been wet and wild in this part of the world today! I just came across these paintings by this wonderful artist on his site

Deer Skeleton


Indian River     Bird Land 2     

Florida Blue     Banana River

I was enraptured by the exquisite colour and feeling in this work by Russell de Young. After a huge, unsettling day these paintings made me breathe out with their particular energy and subtle qualities. Late morning I spent 2 hours rescuing things stored underneath my house here in Brisbane. We had an absolute deluge of rain in 24 hours...400 ml in 24 hrs in some parts of the region! There was a  small river flooding through downstairs and I rushed around trying to figure out how to divert it, what to save first and who to call for help. I got all my paintings upstairs without a hitch. There was some damaged things...but in the scheme of things we were very lucky! I was all fine  by 3.30pm when my class of four darling 11/ 12 yrs old girls  came for their weekly art class. They soon had us all buzzing... and now I just looked at this
work by the artist above, appreciating the layers of paint surface, what looks to be oil paint, its richness and the colour relationships. I feel so much better for seeing this!

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