Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A great find: Sue Lawty's blog.

I need to find out more about this...but these images do make me very curious about the World Beach Project  Sue Lawty carried out in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum. If you look to a much earlier May 09 post on my blog you will see the extraordinary work of Jim Denevan which is using the beach as his canvas.
Sue Lawty is an artist and weaver and keeps a weblog called  Concealed, Discovered, Revealed  with the V and A where she is an artist-in-residence. Click here to read her excellent blog.

Puerto Naos, La Palma

Moo cards made from World Beach Project patterns
Moo cards made from World Beach Project patterns
Moo cards made from World Beach Project patterns
www.vam.ac.uk/worldbeach  will tell you much more about this amazing project.   


virginia said...

our beaches do not have rocks, but these are beautiful installations.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Virginia,
this was quite an unusual project by this artist. She managed to get contributions from all over the globe in the space of a year for her project.
I really enjoyed looking through you blog...thanks for response... ciao, Sophie

潘云闲 said...

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Sophie Munns said...

Hi there ,
thanks for your comment.

The template is available through blogger ...its a new designer series they have brought out. If you set up a blogger (blogspot) weblog you can use it for free.


Nick Gregan said...

Hi Sophie

A great blog and a smashing post. The beach and the ocean are places I have a huge affinity with having spent much of my life among them. It's great to see someone with an incredibly artistic eye using such simple everyday objects to create beauty. Love it.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi nick,

great to have you visit this earlier post i did... LOVED Sue Lawty's work and process and as you say the utter simplicity of it!

Its completely magic, primal and real....and as you say...such a affinity for those among us with a deep love of coast lines and such!
best to you!