Monday, May 11, 2009

Una Rey at Place gallery, Melbourne 20th of May to the 13th of June

image from the upcoming show WONDER

Una Rey's exhibition WONDER is coming up in Melbourne at The Place Gallery from May 20th. I was very lucky to meet Una whilst doing post grad work at Newcastle University in 2007. She has a fascinating biography, much of it located in diverse country landscapes.The land of her childhood she now shares with her growing sons and partner when they can spend time there, near Ellenborough Falls, not far from Port Macquarie in Northern NSW is the source of much inspiration. Various Northern Australia/dessert locations have also been home for Una...and now Newcastle. Soon nearing completion of her PhD she has this show organised for Melbourne and one later this year in Newcastle. She describes the landscape as her muse.... and writes both poetically and engagingly on this.
Another good reason to try to get to Melbourne if i can!

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