Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Botanica Exhibition opens this week

Talented artist from this part of the world Nicola Moss is exhibiting artworks from the 'Family Tree' series developed during her year as Artist-in-Residence at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coo-tha in 2009. Read Nicola's blog to find more information about the opening this thursday night, 3rd of December and viewing times up until Dec 6th. Also on her blog you can read about her newly printed book 'Layers of Life' which promises to be a wonderful document of her times spent at the Gardens this year. In September I posted on a guided tour a few artist friends did with Nicola in the gardens here. It will be excellent to see the culmination of her exciting year of Botanical discovery and delight in this exhibition....Nicola's website  is also well worth a visit.


janis said...

This looks great - I would love to see this...

The Artist Within Us said...

Having looked at the earlier post in September and seen seen the photographs of the gardens, I can only wish to have been there and seen and experienced this place for myself.

It feels like a magical wonderland.

Best wishes

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Janis,
so far away.... I think you would really enjoy this work!
thanks for visiting

Hi Egmont,
it was wonderful to see the garden through Nicola's experience of it. Her delight in things she had observed changing through the year - seeing her show will be another experience of this I'm sure!
Stepping into that sub-tropical world was also a cooling experience.I'd like to see people growing more vegetation around their homes to counter the heat in a natural way!
Thanks for your comment,

Susan Buret said...

Wish I could be at Nicola's opening! Sophie, it is wonderful that you have managed to tell the world about the show. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration.

Sophie Munns said...

This is one time that distance is not lessened by technology...what a pity for Nicola you could not be there - having been involved in the book and other aspects of her project Susan!

Thanks for the sweet comments...you never know with the blog...the curious filaments of connection. I heard about the recent Andy Goldsworthy lecture at GOMA from someone's blog in Melbourne. Mind you....I was one of the 100's turned away at the door.

well...here's to red dots for Nicola!