Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new maths

from  by Craig Damrauer who is interviewed here at inside out blog. Worth reading if these are of interest. Below is a set of postcards Ed Ruscha picked out to be published from the website assorted bits of

from the NY Times july 28, 2009 Hurrying into the Next Panic?


The Artist Within Us said...

I am laughing a little harder because not only is there truth in jokes, but my word verification happens to be 'faithedn' that I read as faith in education. Now the added bit of humour is that the last image in he post is the repeat of 'buy' and 'sell', and I just happen to be in Los Angeles on a trip and this town is nothing but buy and sell.

Therefore Sophie, this post has been a wonderful jolt this morning. Hopefully one day I an return the favor.

Warmest regards

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Egmont,
I like that sense of syncronicity...the word verifications are at times hilarious or strangely apt.

from your comments it sounds like
LA = (BUY + SELL) x 10 ie-to the power of 10

anyway Egmont,
have a good week (to the power of 10)

Yvonne Anderson said...

Thanks for the laugh Sophie....

Thanks also for your lovely comment on my quote-ching blog.

Have a great weekend!

Sophie Munns said...

Its good to have a laugh Yvonne.

Good to visit you in NZ via the blog...actually I will be going to Wellington in glad to get to NZ again!

enjoy the weekend!

em said...

very cool stuff... i'm always so glad to come here and get some culture!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em,
Its a lot of fun.... this maths work. Conceptually interesting too... seeing the equations in things. A few years back I was getting the odd days work in secondary maths class rooms. Its took me back I must say... some part so maths I find very compelling though I'm hardly a natural. I bet you are good at maths!