Thursday, December 24, 2009

a christmas eve wish for you...

...its just started raining here and the mosquitos have decided to visit - I turned off the fan - a foolish step as that seems to keep them away. The rain on the tin roof is a distinctive  australian sound that is a delight to listen to - partly for the cosiness and partly because it is so dry and hot lately that rain is a blessing. I've been up late painting, after a day in the studio with a break to  shop for Xmas at a Twilight Growers Market. That proved a delightful hour or two chatting over the purchase of blood plums, finding a good piece of beef to roast and delicious ingredients for some special salads. I happen to love horseradish which led me to think beef, perfect as cold cuts on hot summer days.
I've been banned from cooking beetroot, a perrennial fav of mine, which I quite like with horseradish. Oh well... lots of herbs and greens and some haloumi and a pomegranate. Blood plums and apricots i hope will be delicious!
There was even a few stalls with suitable gift items - like a stand of Turkish ceramics where I bought a plate - and a stall full of pre-loved and retro linens. Purchased an excellent Indian tablecloth circa 1960's (?).
Back home to the studio - not much to do for Xmas day - no frenzied extravaganza here! An easy Nigella chocolatey thing may get made but whatever...
must get to library tomorrow...have just finished 2 novels so need to find something to enjoy over a few deliciously quiet days...

Blogging has been such a voyage of discovery these past 7 months and I celebrate all the wonderful people I've met (some in real life which was great!) and those whom I have had the good fortune to get to know. Not to forget the bloggers I've discovered in passing - thanks for the inspiration one and all! Every follower I send my very best wishes to and for those who are visitors, some of you frequently, thank you! thank you! ...for good exchanges and cheering me on or cheering me up!
Its late and past my bed-time so before I fall asleep at the keyboard ... my very best wishes to you!
I'll leave you with some words from Buckminster Fuller to perhaps contemplate as the new year comes closer! Cheers, Sophie xx


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Sophie,

I too have a handful of treasures I value greatly for the friendships that have come from those I have met in blogland are priceless.

It has also been a pleasure to visit your blog as you have shared so very much with us these months, I feel I have always learned something, I have always been inspired.

Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season,

janis said...

The rain on a tin roof sounds like heaven - as I love the rain and am waiting for some here :) And how interesting it must be to celebrate the holidays in the southern hemisphere ...

Happy Happy Christmas to you dear Sophie - enjoy the books and quiet too! xo, j.

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Sophie,
Quiet time with a couple of books sounds great. I have planned a similarly quiet time, with a little bit of gardening.
Beetroot? Have you burnt out the bottom of a pan while they steamed for a couple of hours, or is that just me. Plums and apricots sounds delicious.
It was lovely meeting you this year Sophie, thank you very much for your encouragement and support, especially on your fabulous blog. Best wishes for a great 2010. Perhaps I could check out the twilight markets with you some time in the new year.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Egmont,
Thank you for your kind words and for the constancy of your responsiveness and engagement. Its such an honour!

We started blogging around the same time I think and what an extraordinary dialogue with your visitors you've cultivated- I've enjoyed participating and reading when I could.
Blogging seems to highlight the value of authenticity and the diverse ways we humans express ideas in a remarkably unique way. It is on one level a grand risk to blog - to expose oneself to the potential for misunderstanding and even mockery - for even the most self-contained of souls are still revealing something of themselves.
When life is stripped back to essentials there is less time for that which is false or too masked. Your experiences Egmont have taken you to the other side of the fear of being deeply yourself it would seem.
You remind us to treasure each particle of experience and each person who touches one's life.... a graciouness Perhaps you lightly intimate or show by example how we might do open-heart surgery on ourselves - an open heart as companion to an open mind - both are called for!
Thankyou for your graciousness and full-heartedness Egmont... its had a quiet but at the same time acute affect -believe me!
Best of wishes to you and your beloveds this xmas time!

Sophie Munns said...
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Sophie Munns said...

Hello Nicola,
Thankyou for this lovely message this morning!
I laughed when you mentioned burning beetroot - I have burnt all kinds of things in my time - can I recall beetroot - probably!
I'm also very glad we met this year Nicola and I so appreciated your generous sharing of matters relating to the constant duties of keeping the business side of art going.
Blogging has provided an important sense of community, dialogue, inspiration and encouragement after so much change the previous year- the ending of an old chapter and starting again in a new place was much enhanced by this - so it was my pleasure to pass on news about the great things you were up to!
I like the idea of doing the twilight market together.
All good things to you in 2010 and may it be another wonderful adventure!
Enjoy the peace and quiet of time to potter in the garden and read Nicola!

Sophie Munns said...

My friend Janis,
I had written a response to your lovely comment above then noticed I seemed to have made a great many spelling mistakes and worse - a whole sentence that made no sense at all!
I seriously have not been getting into the xmas brandy... just distracted I guess!
I wish you rain for xmas...and failing that... rain for 2010. Buckets of rain, days of rain but no floods!
May your little part of the cosmos be filled with the best of Christmas spirit and all the things that really matter Janis,
Sophia xo

La Dolce Vita said...

great post and I love the bucky fuller quote!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you La Dolce Vita!
Love your post on the universality of lights and candles at celebrations the world over.
Even here in the heat and juxtaposition (confusion even) of numerous traditions brought from the northern hemisphere in particular people gather to the light....BBQ's and campfires, candles and Xmas lights.

Not sure how much reflection occurs here but many people still find comfort in rituals and are drawn to celebrate....even if not in an overly conscious way!

Must remember to ask you how the Bucky Fuller quote speaks to you!

wishing you lovely celebrations this Christmas!

nathalie et cetera said...

happy holidays Sophie. Thank YOU for the inspirations. Will visit your blog with great pleasure in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Sophie~ All the best to you for a wonderful Holiday and New Year!!
Cheers~ Robyn

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Nathalie,
Ditto re inspiration and 2010 and I certainly wish for you a very warm and happy festive week!
See you in the new year!

Hello Robyn,
thankyou for the warm message and hope you also have a lovely time - I'll be back seeking inapiration and I did enjoy your links the other day I must say!

angela said...

All the best to you and lots of new inspiration for 2010! Sweet Christmas dreams

em said...

merry christmas, you!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you for the sweet message Angela!
I shall look forward to seeing what you are up to in 2010 -all the best!

Sophie Munns said...

and you too Em!
its almost 3pm and we're just back from the pool - someone is making a Kaffir lime and ginger vodka something-or-other, 1930's french music is playing, the fans are on, getting ready to roast the beef and trawling a couple of cookbooks with salad ingredients on hand...all very relaxed!
Happy times to you all!

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie Hope you had a nice Christmas Day. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will look forward to your posts next year. You have a great blog. Candyxx

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Candy,
thanks for sweet words!
good to hear from you and know the trip is proceeding well despite a a couple of annoyances .... computer wise!
You and partner are a formidable team I suspect and would not let a few challenges diminish your sense of adventure.
Hope its been a fab xmas this year wherever you presently are - and I shall look forward to news installments of the journey as you go!
see you in 2010...all the best!
Sophia xx

nevin said...

Merry Christmas dear Sophia, and happy happy new years.. With my love..

Sophie Munns said...

How lovely to hear from you Nevin!
Happy, Happy Christmas and new year to you too...I have your blog open and am listening to the music that plays with it. So for this moment in time I feel as if i have your company while I write.
see you in 2010!

Maggie Neale said...

Lovely to meet up with you in blogland, Sophie...wishing you peaceful quiet days of reading and contemplation and a healthy inspired new year! Glad to see you are enjoying Altoon's fabulous blog!

Sophie Munns said...

And best of wishes to you for the new year coming up Maggie. Hope your Xmas was lovely and you are enjoying a slow, peaceful time as well.
It was most fascinating to find Alton's blog through your lovely one last night. I was very interested in the painting process as well as relation ship between art and life!