Monday, December 14, 2009

secret postcard sale

Postcard 1030
Anna M R Freeman
Postcard 936
Kim Rugg
Postcard 458
J A Nicholls
Postcard 1431
Nicola Gresswell
Postcard 932
Mary Fedden
Postcard 1386
David Mann
Postcard 500
Janet Tod
Postcard 2549
Norman Akroyd
Postcard 2602
Carol Ho
Postcard 2310
Katherine Cuthbert
Postcard 1832
Rachel Smith
Postcard 78
Steven Ling
Postcard 1325
Nicholas Jeffrey
Postcard 1008
Richard Morphet
Postcard 1393
Bruce McLean
Postcard 2371
Patricia Davies
Postcard 2056
Sue Timney
Postcard 1949
Jessica Akerman
Postcard 1936
William Wood
Postcard 2373
Tony Alcock
Postcard 781
Dominiqe Fleichmann
Postcard 867
Vanill Beer
Postcard 714
Gill Robinson
Postcard 2673
James Unsworth
Postcard 2173
Jeanette McCulloch
Postcard 1311

Helen Murgatroyd
Postcard 1507
Jane Gifford
Postcard 1467
Bruce Russell
Postcard 1836
Jennifer E Brown
Postcard 1730
Jaime Gill
Postcard 1337
Trevor Sutton
Postcard 1360
Justyna K Kabal
Postcard 2139
Gill Robinson
Postcard 1274
Ayaka Nozama
Postcard 1066
Peter Kalkhof

So what is this Secret Postcard Sale? The RCA - Royal College of Art (UK) annually holds a secret postcard sale of annonymous entries which I take is not so secret and in fact rather well-publicised. At I found a reference NOV 24/09 to this show with the website link to the 2,700 postcard images from which I have selected one's that caught my eye. When you open the website above find the link to the rca (pale blue) and click that to bring up the 2,700 images you can look at! Seriously! 
I was curious enough to do so. The images are small - one can save favourites and what I was keen to discover is how these small works would speak to me out of the myraid on show. Also fascinating is to look at the subject matter and the treatment of colour, compostion and so on in these small works.
I am always interested in what it is that makes a composition feel right in a work, whatever the size -so here is a great opportunity to see what works for you!


nathalie et cetera said...

wow! what a great find! i have to spend more time there. So much inspiration.

janis said...

Thank you for this link Sophie! I love postcards... small objects of beautiful artworks. Little treasures - paper jewels. I collect them mostly from museum gift shops. Now I must check out this link... so many, I'll be there for a while :) xo

La Dolce Vita said...

awesome post and thanks for the link!

slowmuse said...

These are wonderful!

Jane O Sullivan said...

dear sophie ....thank you SO much for all that you share on your blog spirits have been revived after a very inspiring visit ...thanks :)

Sophie Munns said...

Lots of lovely visitors this morning!
Thanks all of you for coming by.

Nathalie - This assembled collection here is no doubt a reflection- in part - of my eyesight - some of the images were a so subtle, not easily absorbed being so small for me to appreciate them - but it was very engaging to trawl through!

Janis - I'd love to see what you would choose. Its one of the things I find most fascinating about human beings. Give 100 artists 2,700 images to choose their fav 50 from and then see what happens. I used to collect postcards as well. Its fascinating how a they can carrry such potency and inspire one so!

La Dolce Vita - Glad to have you come by. Love to see what you would choose!

Deborah at Slow Muse - I would be very fascinated to see your selection having visited your blog often and having a sense of your preoccupations as an artist.

Jane from Ireland - lovely to hear from you. Your 'inner world outside book' looks most interesting. I hope you are well again now! Glad to contribute to you feeling a little revived - I love to post on things that matter to me or that delight me - whatever the case - it raises my spirits too!

SO THE QUESTION IS: what would you choose from the 2,700 images???????
see you all,

em said...

very inspirational! of course, i like the one with the whippet in the tree with the cat. the most evocative for me is the Tony Alcock one... and looks like nice watercolor technique? i wish i had time to go to the site and see them all!

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear what you think Em!
Mmmm.... the feet underwater is so appealing...makes you want to be doing that!

and I also found those animals in the tree curiously engaging!

Noticed you have been visiting elsewhere today.. Thanks fort commenting....I love mondays when you pop in...being sunday where you are!

I have to go and cok for a special dinner party soI shall look forward to resonding o your toher comments once all the work is done...not sure when...
Sophia x

em said...

oh, take your time. i usually wait a week to get to my comments, so you've had to be so patient!

Sophie Munns said...

Comments are great whenever they come Em!
I just noticed 15 spelling mistakes in my response to you yesterday. Its a wonder you could make out my message!