Friday, December 4, 2009

fluid dynamics

Read here at New Scientist's Gallery to find out fully what this model represents. Its a satellite image of the Kurishio current, the world's second strongest current after the Gulf stream. Here, fast moving water (red) forms geometrical structures reminiscent of loops traced out by chaotic systems. (images: caroline Mendoz and Ana M Mancho) on another tangent altogether, but inspired by the image above, these photos taken of water at an ocean pool are captured in their fluidity. Where the image above is a satellite photo taken at great distance the images below are frozen moments of that fluidity as recorded by my camera whilst standing next to the pool. The first 2 images below are magnified a little. The flow of forms is engrossing, even hypnotic to observe.


em said...

very nice! i like these, especially the first one. reminds me of the ovals in your work. hm... very inspiring... i feel i need to work harder on "seeing" when i photograph.

Sophie Munns said...

I'm loving your photographs... its all there Em. They have ben stunning for the colour of late contrasted with wintery backdrops.

Just back from a swim with a new set of swimming googles.... alas nothing interesting about the water visuals in this lovely old pool I now go to ... but its clean and quiet...I do miss swimming at the ocean pools where i used to live with their spectacular colours and the sensuality of the environment.

Over summer I'l be in search of other places to swim and photograph.