Friday, December 4, 2009

culture futures at copenhagen

In a few days the Culture /Futures symposium kicks off in Copenhagen led by the Danish Cultural Institute and a partnership of arts organisations from around the world. Its based on the premise that the scale of the transition to the environmental age is so massive that just waiting for the right technological or political solution to show itself is not enough. It requires fundamental cultural change, and very fast change. Read more here from the RSA Arts and Ecology blog.
COP15 public events

Burning Ice exhibition.

100 places to remember before they disappear.

conversations with the earth- indigenous voices on climate change
These are 3 of 90 events on the official cultural program. This will open at the visit copenhagen site and you can click on the link there to open to COP15 events and then to the cultural calender. The link was faulty sorry!


em said...

i'm very concerned about global warming... but hey, that cop15 copenhagen logo is really fantastic!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you for commenting Em. We are in overload I know and I have been getting visual about it of doubt much to the horror of some visitors wanting to switch off from that stuff.
Its a great Logo hey?