Wednesday, December 23, 2009

via Mes Petites Miscellanees...

Although I dont read french I still keenly visit various blogs written in this lovely language... a little sad at what I am missing out on understanding - but nevertheless finding pleasure, mystery and inspiration in varying degrees! From the blog Mes Petites Miscellanes comes this charming image above which hails from Nick Bartoletti on Flickr.
The December 13 2009 post titled Ode a l'Oeil (which features the images below!) is intriguing in the way that is characteristic of Marie-Es. Have a peek if time permits and say hello - she's very sweet about my lack of facility with her language! 


Marie-Es said...

Thanks very much for this surprise and thanks for your blog "formidable" ! Have a nice Christmas Sophie !

Sophie Munns said...

Its a pleasure to find and share things from farther shores!
Have an excellent festive season Marie-Es.