Thursday, December 17, 2009

finding one's camera again!

well it was never really lost - its just that I lost interest in taking photos for a while and so after a wonderful trip to GOMA today (read yesterdays post) with camera in hand - tonight when downloading I found some reminders of pleasant times and such things... this is a photo of a just tidied section of my studio - worth popping a cork to celebrate the clean up!

dinner with friends at home - north african flavours

dinner with friends at friend's restaurant - note the fab dessert -yes those legs were edible! Bravo Vanda!

gardenia's in bloom in spring in the front of house garden

my wheelbarrow herb garden

the rock garden (well there are a few rocks in there somewhere!)

tree out the front to of home - laden with seedpods

on top of studio shelf (note amazing seedpods in front!)

10 cm square canvas boards assembled together - thinking colour

work on canvas board panels - playing with ideas

breaking out by working on a large, free form idea - a month or two ago.

 painting from 2007 revisited - sanded back to reveal other layers and textures.

A great few weeks in the studio painting with recent confirmation of a show next March. Catching up with friends, planning a holiday and its quite nice I must say to have the year coming to a close!


The Artist Within Us said...

I like his post and especially the four canvasses that are stacked. The blues with a little rust coloured intervention have me wishing to reach out and explore the surface.

I am glad you picked up your camera again and take some photographs to share with us.

Warmest regards

Mlle Paradis said...

Oh Sophie - I LOVE the last three pieces. Looks like you're having so much fun. (Though believe me, I know it's hard work getting there.) Love the reds, turquoise and greens in your bottom "figure eights". Glad you found the camera! Nice spaces opening up!

Dragonfly said...

Great pics!! Lovin that dessert - how awesome :-)

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you so much Egmont.
lovely to hear from you after your break. Hope you are settled in again - well - ready for the next time of celebration in your house.
It was good to download the images last night. The pressures of the year have taken a back seat, imagination is freed up and there's been time to finish paintings from the last year or two, work on the new and play around with ideas without a sense of deadline.
Thanks for your response to the 4 canvas board work Egmont. Greqt to have particular comments -see what others see! I like to work on these boards when setting off with fresh ideas as they are so unintimidating - they just say "paint me" and I do. One can get a lot of ideas down easily and very often they lead to larger things.
Its interesting when time is open-ended how important it is for me to explore atmospheres. A while back I was bursting to work large and once the paint was down I felt so much better - even though it was far from finished and not worked through at all.
Its possible to do the work on a theme with an strong intent and purpose - but these open moments are so sweet as they allow room for different feelings and possibilities to emerge!
I liked the image of you in your studio...will revisit to see what you are up to!

Sophie Munns said...

Mlle Paradis and Dragon fly - I just realised the time and now have to fly out the door!

thanks for visiting.

D F that dessert was fantastic!

and M P thank you so much for the comment in particular on the *8 work - I was obsessed in 2007 with that symbol and loved its fluidity - how it felt to make work with it!

Will chat soon to you both!
S x

nathalie et cetera said...

what a great series! that legs desert put a smile on my face. superb work of yours too!

Sophie Munns said...

Thankyou Nathalie!
The legs were quirky & great fun - tasted good too! Plus the element of surprise as I ordered something with quite a regular name never expecting this - thought I would slip this one in given its silly season!
Thanks for the comments re the painting - having lots of studio time again and looking forward to the next 4 weeks like that!
Have a lovely Xmas Nathalie!

Theresa said...

I like your herb garden

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for stopping by Theresa!
The best thingabout the wheelbarrow herb garden is you can wheel it to wherever its the best spot for it!

em said...

thank you for sharing your new work and your gardenias! you have some wonderful ideas happening... i haven't seen these more geometric and linear forms before and i like them. i can't wait to see the finished product!

Maggie Neale said...

Enjoyed this post Sophie. Good to take time off from photography and then to find it again. Loved seeing the dinner and the dessert, the paintings speak of freedom and the garden speaks green which is reminder that you are in a different hemisphere! Does this mean you are celebrating Summer Solstice? hmmmm

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em,
Dont you just love the scent of gardenias.
They did not last long in this hot climate... but were much adored!
Sweet of you to comment on the work of recent times.I keep revisiting tis geometry - its a constant-vacillating between the organic forms and the obsession with line and shape!
Shall let you know what comes from the next phase!
see you!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for your lovely comments!
Do you know... the images of the food prepared for friends inspired me to get back into all that again. starting with tonight when 8 of us celebrated at table - friends from different quarters! Good conversation and warmth of exchange spurred on by enjoyment of the pleasures of the table. Deeply satisfying and nourishing as well!
Yes... we are in summer now and the humidity is up... its quite something to visit blogs around the globe and see what's happening - appreciate the seasons and cycles!