Monday, December 7, 2009

concrete + time + ocean frontage


Lucy said...

Love, love, LOVE!

That colour...beautiful.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Lucy,

you would perhaps love this place...a photographers dream for its many moods.
Loved your last post...always a delight to visit Nourish Me!

Mlle Paradis said...

Here I am again Sophie, popping in. I've tried really hard the last while to "wean myself from the addiction" i.e., have some control (vs. NONE at all) over this relationship with the blogworld. So succeeding but realizing again how much I miss when I don't stop in here with you. Couldn't I just stream you live? You sound SOOOO busy. Still can't believe you manage it all. And I know what you mean about refreshing yourself after a little too much "business strategy" stuff. Loved the Bollywood dance juxtaposition. Well I adore the last three posts. Those kids - I definitely want an update in a couple years' time and I AM SO ANNOYED noone commented (including me - cause I did skim it over the wkend) on your global warming post. !!!!!!! I just don't feel like we have a choice except to do something. AND HOW LIBERATING and EMPOWERING when we actually accomplish something and make progress in that direction. Why is that so hard to figure out?! On any major scale? The Japanese have already moved in the right direction. They apparently already own something like 40% of the world's green technology. Anyway, thanks again for all you share!

Mlle Paradis said...

Oh - and everything you had to say about encouraging kids and encouraging/engaging oneself. Well, one would think that it all goes without saying. Many families are generally overwhelmed I guess. Do you know about the Pico Iyer "opinion" piece on happiness in the NYTimes a couple months back? He had alot to say in a very personal way about scaling back our expectations and re-ordering our priorities. And finding....happiness.

Sophie Munns said...

I'm delighted you have not totally weaned yourself off visiting blogland altogether Mlle Paradis!
It would be a loss to not have you pop in and share your very welcome thoughts... so thankyou for returning today!
Its funny that busy thing...its about having an engaged mind for me. Things that can animate the cells in your system into responding in a vital way to the day, to the time, to beingpart of something bigger than one's self.
I had a meeting this morning with someone whose work has recently taken them to the Eden Project in the UK, related Environmental research in Canada and Germany - and so I got to sit for 2 or more hours poring over material brought back from this trip which was so rich and sparked such dense conversation.
That kind of busyness is what keeps me going.Discovering more about that which is outside of one's knowing and then finding cross-overs, shared understanding despite the divergence of vocational background. the afternoon in the Seed lab at the Botanical Gardens was more of this discovering, further conversational exercise.
It is through engagement with 'other' - other people. ideas, experiences that conceptually we grow I believe. I like that feeling of "this is good - i dont know this - I haven't thought this - but it connects with xyz" in a buzzy dialogue. Staying really awake when that opportunity is in front of you.
So that is perhaps the busy-ness your seeing!
I am extremely pleased to read your emphatic response to the global warming post and various thoughts I put forward.
I guess I was reminded of tired thinking that I wanted to push against... the tired thinking that lurks in me as much as anywhere else.
Your mention of the 40% Japanese figure is exactly the reminder that things can shift - and sometimes quickly - and addressing the question of "what do we really need?" as opposed to "what are we in the habit of?" is a very creative starting point for all kinds of things. In the studio one can definitely work in a habitual way...stay too long with what we already know and gradually have the life force in the work dissipate because of it.
You ended on a good point - scaling back expectations and re-ordering priorities. I shall look for this thinker. I'm wondering if its the same person I heard about today in 2 different conversations?
That would be wonderful syncronicity!
Your words are treasured MP....thankyou!
S x

virginia said...

i love these photos, especially the second one!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Virginia,
its uncanny - but this is not unlike somethng you might photograph come to think of it.

art4friends said...

thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I also hope you have a lovely christmas planned.

I love these photos! the blue is amazing. xox

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Renee Anne!
Good to see things going ahead for you after all your efforts this year to generate ideas for getting your work out there and finding collaborations!
its interesting to see blue in a context where it takes on a particular quality that taps into certain emotional responses.
thanks for visiting!