Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lost Found Art via Art Propelled

Robyn Gordon's wonderful blog Art Propelled is full of treasures. Tonight I happened to visit again and find these collections with a great story - Dec 2nd 09 - about how an interesting business started up for Mark Indursky of Lost Found Art .

Also loved the friday Nov 27 post on Sarah Mitchell - 'tied up with string' featuring this wonderful image below:

concertina books by littlepaperbird
from flickr -  little paperbird: sarah mitchell - concertina books
Day in the studio
To see Robyn's intriguing and detailed artwork in wood go to flickr.
Posted on Nov 19 was the introduction of a newly published book titled HOT AFRO by Craig Fraser which features the interiors of Neville Trickett some of you may have seen at the excellent saint verde blog. Below the image is from Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris.

Thanks to Robyn for the inspiration and excellent journey into Africa without leaving home.....actually, I would be wrong in suggesting all that she posts on hails from the African continent - however - there is a distinct flavour and sensibility in what she brings to us that I sense is very much an African one!


Mlle Paradis said...

Oh Sophie! I cannot keep up with you. Great posts this week! So dense and with so many threads to follow and investigate. My brain gears just churn and whirr when I stop in and then I have to wish I could clone myself so that that other me could just stay with you and share properly in these amazing adventures! Thanks for all the bounty! How do you manage it?!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Mlle Paradis!
That made me laugh...sometimes its just so wonderful finding things that I have to post something on them straight away! I think you could maybe understand this!
In fact last night I had come home from a business mentoring workshop I'm in the midst of after an intense 2 and a half hour session on accounts, finances etc. Whilst a group of 12 of us were huddled around a table with powerpoint, notes and furrowed brows - in a nearby room a Bollywood dance class was having their wind-up party for the year.... very loudly!
SO... coming home to no sign of life at my house, no drop of wine, no fabulous film to watch or anything better to engage me...i went trawling and soon my mood lifted from pre-headache blandness to delight.
I have been flat out of late doing things that were taking a lot of time to organise, and requiring much, that out of the way...I am looking at whats happening with fresh eyes!
thanks for visiting and for the wonderful appreciation MP!

nathalie et cetera said...

what a wonderful series. Love the hangers! It's always a pleasure to visit you!

Sophie Munns said...

Thankyou for visiting and leaving a lovely comment Nathalie!
Do visit the charming Art Propelled!
I popped over to visit you and saw that its been snowing recently and you are celebrating one year of blogging...well done!
Your secret giveaway got me thinking!

Anna Betts said...

I love these collections! Especially the abacuses (or should that be abaci?). Things look so much better in groups. Those coat hangers are amazing too!

Sophie Munns said...

i Anna,
thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!
I left a message to say I loved the tiles your making. Good luck with all your projects and studies,

em said...

wow, i love collecting and have to resist all the time. these collections are arty and interesting!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em,
its fascinating what people collect. I love your plant collection which translates into your Garden...a great place to be a collector as it grows and becomes something fascinating or even edible.