Friday, September 11, 2009

Nicola Moss: a walk in the Gardens

Nicola Moss is  Artist-in-Residence at Mt Coo-Tha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane this year and on Wednesday a small group joined her for a 2 hour walk along the Australian Plant Communities Trail. 11am was just the time to set off... the day was perfect, a slight breeze blowing, warmth in the air and the garden just  blissful. Nicola has familiarised herself  with this part of the Garden in particular over the course of the year... working on paper in situ, photographing her discoveries and the changes, subtle and otherwise, through shifting seasons, times of day, and weather conditions. Many treats lay in store for us as she guided us to her favourite places along the trail, explaining her observations through her time here. Nicola has recorded the year to date  on a fabulous blog dedicated to the garden residency with visits wonderfully photographed and details noted, along with posts on work that has evolved out of this experience. Nicola's website is equally current and has an excellent portfolio of her work.

'Pollen drift' - Acrylic and pigmented ink on canvas, 600 x 600 mls, is  a work from 2009 which can be viewed on Nicola's website.

New growth on a small tree...particularly striking for its amazing colour.

Blue Quandongs - a native fruiting berry that is used in jam (amoungst other things)  in Australia... although I must say I have never tried it. Non-indigenenous Australians have for the most part not been quick to try natives sources of food. Historically hardy cooks would not have turned up their noses at these blue beauties or the  varieties of lilly-pillys available for jam-making! I was  delighted to find these many-hued quandongs nestling on the brown leaves near a large tree. It was quite a sight ...all the variations of blue and blue-green!

My photo here does not do justice to this tree which was covered in a beard-like matted growth with green pea-like berries ...a wonderfully wild looking rainforest-type  specimen. Where was my pen and paper?...I was too busy clambering around looking at things!  Huge thanks to Nicola for a memorable and  enervating experience... so willingly shared!


Novi On The Go said...

I just came from Nicola's blog and am delighted to say at least in my mind it will always be spring and summer as winter is slowly creeping up here. Her work is so invigorating, truly a lover of nature. Thanks for introducing me to her beautiful work!

I like your picture of the Blue Quandongs. I've never seen or heard of anything like it. Your garden visit reminded me of the Botanical Garden in Singapore, near where we used to live. You reminded me of good memories, Sophie!


Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Novi for the wonderful comments... and I will see that Nicola gets to read your message.I'm so pleased you went to her blog ...its a delightful journey in itself and the work is truly beautiful!

I will let you know if i get to try blue quandongs!
best ,

ps the photos of those magnificent vistas on your blog!

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Sophie,

I am glad you enjoyed the day, as I did with your company on the walk. Thank you for the lovely post, look forward to catching up again soon.
(Finally on line again, having removed computer virus.)

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nicola,
glad your computer is up and running again! Thanks for your lovely phone call today..and this message.

I have had the most peaceful day...napping, reading, tuning out after spending 2 days at the Writers festival which was fantastic...but somehow I had run out of steam to attend today!

I'm wondering if you have tasted blue quandongs at all?
I've tasted your dried it occured to me you may have more taste surprises up your sleeve!
See you before long I hope!