Monday, September 21, 2009

two coats of paint

 Mark Mullin : " A growing time", 2007 Oil on canvas 72" x 72" x 5"

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Paintings by Sharon L Butler and the icon for Two coats of paint on twitter.

Two coats of paint is a 'must see' blog for those interested in painting. Sharon L Butler created it in 2007 and you can read more about that at the top left side of the blog. Basically she talks about the fact she was very interested in reading art commentary and reviews over many years and decided to share this pursuit  and significant store of material with others she felt may be interested. And yes, people were found to be very interested and the blog continues to prosper, not that any money is made from maintaining it she points out. Rather it has become a place where the dialogue and thinking and even emotional growth  has proved considerably rewarding.

Here are 2 posts from Sunday:
 Kandinsky's influence - Posted Sunday, sept 20, 2009

Heidi Pollard, "Honey"  2005, oil on canvas,  48" x 48"

Pollard's painting is included in the Kandinsky post, a very good read for those interested. After the show I saw yesterday this painting caught my eye straight away. The Peter Plagens slideshow from Newsweek -  "Kandinsky's Heirs"  features Terry Winters, a favourite of mine, amongst a series of other painters. The painting at the top of this post by Mark Mullin is also from this Newsweek slideshow of painters.

The other post from Sunday, 20th sept, 09: "I think once I stopped caring quite so much about where I fitted in, and whether it made any sense to be painting, I started getting more and more absorbed in it".
I think this is a familiar kind of reckoning that occurs for one wishing to continue painting long term but facing severe doubts. If this registers with you...READ THIS POST! The quote comes from Cecily Brown and this is her painting:

Cecily Brown, "Indian Tourist", 2008, Oil on Linen

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