Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love this....Pestival!

This caught my eye from the Arts and Ecology blog this morning. A festival at the South Bank Centre in London celebrating insects in art and the art of being an insect. The post is worth a look to take in the clever programming which is international, inter-disciplinary, and community-led. There's something on Biomimicry from Architect Michael Pawlyn, fashion, comedy etc etc. This PESTIVAL sounds amazing. Neuroscientist Beau Lotto creating a large bee hive in the Queen 'Bee' Hall. 80% of creatures on earth are insects according to the blurb...I'm not friends with some species...but I would be very curious to take in this event.
*For a link to Michael Pawlyn's Architecture go to this brilliant website Exploration. Read about Janine Benyus and Biomimicry here.

image from Explorations website: courtesy of NASA


janis said...

This is great! London is such a forward, intelligent city...

Sophie Munns said...

It does have that amazing intellectual energy Janis. I certainly agree. I was based there for 2 years in my late 20's and I adored the stimulation of having all that available. It was hard to leave at the time and come home to the other side of the globe. It was a fairly formative experience on a number of levels. Even the conversations one would inevitably overhear in cafes and getting about were rivetting and informing as people put heads together unselfconsciously and engaged intensely on all manner of subjects within ear shot. This is generally quite uncommon here, unless one is in the very heart of Melbourne, or perhaps a similarly culturally rich and diverse enclave elsewhere in Australia.

I learnt a lot from listening in London- especially those conversations that were gritty, with finely chewed over and complex ideas described by well chosen words!
thanks for your comment,
S x

virginia said...

i'm sure she is hours away from you, but i find this artist inspirational:

somehow, i think you two would have interesting conversations.

Sophie Munns said...

How interesting Virginia!
A delightful friend of mine showed me this artist's book on a recent visit...I had noticed the artist's work before but leafing through the book when I was relaxed and sitting in a comfy chair enjoying a cosy evening of conversation...with a glass of wine... it took my breath away!

Thanks for a truly great tip Virginia !
S x