Thursday, September 24, 2009

mystical, familiar, objective and subjective all at once...

Portrait -W-No. III, 1917

Untitled (tent door at night), 1916

Pelvis I, 1944

Untitled (Abstraction Red Wave with Circle), 1979

I chose these 4 images from a slideshow of 15 works by Georgia O'Keefe as I was unfamiliar with them and they offered a fresh take on this artist whose work has certainly attracted attention over many years, even if not always for the reasons an artist might wish for! More than 130 paintings, drawings, watercolours and sculptures by one of the most famous early painters of the 20th century from the US - as well as works from the photographic portrait series of O'Keefe by Alfred Stieglitz -  is currently being shown at the Whitney Museum in New York. The slideshow and a review by Jerry Saltz can be found at  the nymag
To quote from this article "O'Keefe produced some of the most original and ambitious art in the 20th century....her ideas about surface, colour and scale are not only daring; they presaged the work of artists as varied as Newman, Avery, Rothko, Louis and Heilmann as well as Colour Field painting, Lyrical Abstraction and contemporary Post Modern Abstraction". The title for this post I took also from Saltz  as I thought it a point to muse on!  I have to say...the watercolours immediately attracted me today.

image from the website of the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.
Click on the artists name in the text above to go to the museum.


Jay Dee said...

I listened to an audiobook on Georgia O'Keefe earlier this year - she was an amazing artist. This would be such a landmark exhibition to attend - lucky New Yorkers!

Sophie Munns said...

I imagine it will be a pretty amazing exhibition Jay Dee.
One of the reviews i read discussed how much controversy she withstood, often from other male artists. She must have been a very strong woman to have this capacity to forge such a unique path as an artist, let alone as a female artist - and to withstand all the critics over her very long career!
For that reason alone I'd love to attend!
thanks for commenting!