Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love hearing from artists I find on my travels on the net..

Last night I really should have been tucked up in bed... B u t ... a series of stepping stones led to too many wonderful places for me to even begin to share them all with you! My good friend Una Rey is about to have her final show at the close of her PhD. That needs celebrating with a post ASAP...and I want to tell you about the fabulous Slow Muse before this week's out!
But quickly...while the last layer of paint I applied dries ...I just had a lovely email from Linn Meyers whose work I added to my post on Data Is Nature last night. Here (above) is an image I particularly liked from her website and below is the artist at work. I noticed Linn has connections in both East and West Coast US cities... and seems to be engaged in some fascinating projects. 

See Data Is Nature in 1st post I did for Wednesday 16th, 09!


Susan Buret said...

Great blog Sophie and thank you for introducing me to the work of Linn Meyers.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for visiting Susan!
I didn't get to meet you before you moved South...but I have enjoyed seeing your work and really like what you have been exploring.
Thanks for the warm comments,