Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sonia Delauney at the Blue Lantern

The Blue Lantern : Arts journalism for the love of it is an engaging blog written by NY based freelance journalist Jane Librizzi which I just happened upon. I liked the sweep of her posts taking in art works from a great many eras. This 9 july post caught my eye as I have long been a fan of Sonia Delauney, ever since scraping together funds to buy a massive tome on her work back when I was a very young art student with little money. I lugged that book around for 30 years and it only went astray a year ago, surviving a house fire and about 35 moves.

I spent a lot of time pouring over this book and was ecstatic when finally in Paris  in '88 I could view more of her work. This female artist early in the 20th century appeared to be re-inventing her world to be as she wished...and this impression had a huge impact. Seeing her paint not just on canvas...but also on fabric for wearables and  furnishings...even a car...I thought this artist was thoroughly modern and ahead of her time.  Thank you to Jane at the Blue Lantern for the inspiration!

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