Friday, September 25, 2009

living, breathing walls

Patrick Blanc's vertical gardens have made the name of this French scientist come artist. Green roofs Australia have a post on his work that includes a YouTube video interview with Blanc in Paris worth watching.

Book available now in bookstores

Vertical Garden: The art of organic architecture

Marche des Halles in Avignon

These images I found on the always intriguing  Saint Verde blog. Take a peek at theis post of his...and more. His references are exccedingly eclectic and very often quite unique. From there I went to Blanc's website and was enraptured with certain travel and project images.


Novi On The Go said...

Sophie, the Patrick Blanc's link works great but the other 2 for 'post' and 'Saint Verde blog' says page/blog not found. Just thought I'd let you know...

I posted a bit about how the pictures were taken for Streams of Light, if you're interested!


Sophie Munns said...

Big thanks Novi,
There's nothing worse than a bad link if you want to see I'm very appreciative that you let me know so soon!
Just looked at the post you mentioned on your curious! Never having learned to use a camera for any purpose beyond documentation I'm taken with the results of this exercise.
I particularly like the image on post: "squiggles" which reminds me of something from the micro world. I love the layered lines that look almost woven on the left, and the incongruity of the aqua blue squiggles that dance about. Spatially very ambiguous.
Would make an interesting painting Novi!
Thanks for visiting today!
Have a great weekend!
S x

Chrissy Foreman C said...

I am IN LOVE with green walls and green rooves at the moment. anything growing anywhere on a house is a good thing to me!
In the last few school workshops I've run I've mentioned the idea of green rooves to the kids. They are SO into it!! It would be really lovely to see it regulated like it is for new buildings in soe countries.

Curlyhead said...

Hey I think thats very cool.

I heard the people from Green roofs aus at pecha kucha a few weeks ago and they were prob in the top 3 presentations that really caught my attention.


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Chrissy,
Hi Curlyhead,
Chrissy...did you get to the same Pecha Kucha evening recently as Curlyhead? Would have liked to have seen that myself.
I know what you mean about kids and buildings that are food for the imaginaton. I have seen few things get kids going as much as designing their own dream living spaces. When my fatique levels were running high during teaching stints over the years I could always fall back on getting classes doing drawing plans that featured ideas of someone like Hundertwasser as a sure fire way to de-stress everyone and focus their hyper-active minds. Its indeed gratifying to see that a visionary like Hundertwasser and others like him, Buckminster Fuller comes to mind for brilliant future thinking... are leading to the realisation of these concepts on a whole new level.

Reference was made at an excellent session at the recent Brisbane Writer's Festival to William McDonough's Cradle to Cradle model for designing for the future sometimes referred to as regenerative design - dealing with a biomimetic approach to the design of systems with a holistic economic, industrial and social framework. (This last sentence I found at wikipedia when checking the spelling of the guy's name).
At the presentation particular focus was given to the 12 cities he is currently working on to be built/ being built in China that have all the farming being carried out on the roof tops of all the city buildings, leaving some space for recreation in the cities and the rest for high density working and living spaces.
He is truly worth checking out!
Great to hear from you both! Thanks for your useful info and I shall try to be free for the next pecha kucha evening.
and let me know if either of you get into any roof or wall gardening any time soon!