Friday, September 18, 2009

Paint: the language UNA REY

The title above is from an article Una contributed to Art Monthly Australia in July this year whilst completing post grad studies. Una has managed art centres at Haasts Bluff,  Milikapiti and Balgo. We met at Newcastle University when she was half a year into her studies and I was starting out. Dialogue with Una is always layered and rewarding, grounded in the gritty experiences of a well-lived life far from the cliched images of travel brochures and ads for the 'good life'. This was the kind of dialogue I was seeking through post grad work. Before the year's end events had catapulted me into unplanned changes. Reluctantly a few such connections went by the wayside due to interstate relocation - but not for long with Una - ever the communicator, skilled at poignant one sentence emails ...the conversation flowed. Today  I wish her well for a wonderful opening night of her Final show on completion of her study.

More of Una's work can be viewed through Place Gallery, Melbourne and through her newly launched blog.


Novi On The Go said...

I saw the post on resurrectionfern sept 15 after I had posted sea reflections and thought her husband's pictures are wonderful! Nature is full of visual bounty.

I would like to send you a link Sophie.


Sophie Munns said...

Amazing link Novi...thank you so much for that. I found some particular leads I adored and MUST follow up on!
Had seen the name before ... off! A false association with that (annoying) segment on that US TV Show.
Instead its a most rewarding tip!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

You've piqued my interest, darn, why is Melbourne on the other side of the world for me? ;-)

Wish someone would invent the beaming up thingy for real. ;-)

Sophie Munns said...

YES! I think it would be a vastly superior invention Yolanda, saving on that dreaded fuel waste and plain old fatigue of the long distance haul!
How is your garden with the onset of Autumn?
I must come visit Bliss....its always looking spectacular!