Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Best artisan store/cafe in my neck of the woods

Brewbakers is my revered local artisan bakery with a suitably rustic cafe attached. I almost dont want to throw too much praise their way in case it gets any busier than it already is. Years spent in Melbourne, Australia's southern city with its dedicated artisan bakers, has made it compulsary for me to discover who's turning out good sourdough, not to forget organic bread too & some Gluten free sweet treats! 
Seriously good bread is on the menu here...and watch out...cheeky staff abound! There's plenty to tempt...think chocolate bagels....or Brewbaker's  take on a Reuben sandwich!
Even's in walking distance of my home, has great coffee and breakfasts from 6am (OK...not my best time!) It closes by 2pm most days - the shelves are pretty sad by then - so you've got to be quick!  If there's a queue I warned you...OK?

And if you really must know where it is... head to the north side of the Brisbane River, in the central hub of Albion on busy Sandgate Rd, set back a little from the road though...with a car park in front.
( ps Richard and Caroline, I hope you like my artistic photo of the very cool retro cutlery...)


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

It looks very much like an oldfashioned Dutch bakery where i used to go as a little gilr to get our daily freshly baked bread, and cookies, and pies and ......

Mouth watering pics Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Yolanda! I will pass on your comments to the artisans themselves! If you ever come over from the Netherlands to Brissie you now know where stop off. I'll meet you there for coffee...just let us know when!

As for your last post....divine images and so wonderfully put together. Always inspiring!