Monday, September 28, 2009

(what is this?)

I've posted before on (what is this?) a.k.a. parenthetically // an undisciplined record of passing fancies. That's because Angela has a way with words that I find compelling, and when she's not up to her ears in her other amazing projects and actually finds a moment for this blog, then one is generally in for a treat! Today I find she has hunted down some US war-time Govt posters following on from her previous post on such posters from war-time UK. Rather than elaborate here I urge you to click over to "Do with less" posted 27.9.09 and also the previous post "Note to self: Eat Greens, Defend Freedom" posted 25.9.09.
I was fascinated with how topical these poster themes are now...even if the agendas behind the issues are distinctly different. Cheap flights and get-away offers bombard us daily...this temptation for those with time/cash collides with critical global consequences of increased travel. The poster below is a not of this time! Now a poster might read "get off that plane and when you're at home switch of all those damn lights will you, and the air-conditioning, 3 fridges and 2 freezers, 5 TV's, and clothes-dryer! Well no...that's a bit too cheeky for a Govt poster!

Thanks for the fascinating look at these signs from a very critical time not so long ago Angela!

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