Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This gardener's no fool!

above: passiflora buds - aug 2.09

I have been wanting to share a place I go to for inspiration for a while now. Well..its not close by and I dont actually get to travel there...I'm referring to the wonderful garden fool blog I follow which is mostly a weekends only pursuit for Em who lives in the New York area and has a usda zone 6 garden...such coding I admit to being unfamiliar with!  Em is a biomedical engineering consultant in the medical device industry...a long title that sounds very serious and demanding to me, and the reason no doubt why Em's weekends in her beloved garden are so relaxing for her. Her blog, started spontaneously when playing around one day a few years back, has allowed her to document the exquisite, the rare and the humble and everyday plants in her garden, as well as the creatures that frequent this divine space... from family pets to many beautiful birds, insects, butterflies and bees, the odd rabbit and maybe deer!
Em added a potager this year which looks like its been there forever and has produced abundant vegetables, herbs and such..organically produced and despite great hard work a joy she says to watch growing...and a wonderful route to relaxation. She talks of photography as having given her a new way of viewing the world, shifting her perspective on things and the blog as a means of sharing these photos and experiencing a wonderful sense of community. 
Since I moved 16 mnths ago I have not had my own garden as such...so I love to visit Em's world and appreciate her attentiveness to her the garden she has cultivated and the keen eye she brings to all that is occuring in this space. There is something of the scientist and artist in her approach and her nurturing devotion is always a delight to witness!!!

Em's artistic daughter's gorgeous journal

Spring fractals: may 10, 09 - above: gaillardia 'fanfare' bud
below: maidenhair fern

above: Pink Peony among the grasses  - may 25.09

above: dogwood -  lovely image from May 3, 09

The series of photographs above are of an alium coming into bloom - taken By Em in July last year for her wonderful Garden fool blog when I feel like being thus inspired!

below:  from Em's delightful August 3rd post last year titled -  "small things"


Anonymous said...

A feast of images here! Thank you for this posting.


It was a pleasure to share this Deborah!

janis said...

I'm going to check this out! Your blog is such a treasure too Sophie...


Thanks for such a warm comment Janis. Much appreciated! What an amazing dialogue of commentors on your last post. Interesting what it triggered all round!

Jay Dee said...

Just catching up on your postings Sophie! This one has me feeling so relaxed just looking at the images. Know what you mean by missing having a garden - after a long wait we had our rear yard planted out last weekend and it looks amazing!


Its always good to have green and living things around Jay Dee...your new garden sounds good!