Thursday, November 19, 2009

Concealed, Discovered, Revealed

archive for june, 2008 - post titled Australia - weblog of Sue Lawty

In May I posted on this artist from the UK who had a residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum with an excellent blog which is ongoing. Recent posts refer to a trip to Australia. Below are a series of articles about the World Beach Project which has been a wonderful off-shoot from her former residency that engaged people around the world to join in and post back their images. In the last 10 minutes I have had trouble linking to her blog if that is not corrected you can enter the web site as below or click on May above and hopefully that will facilitate the connection. Her writing is a delight to read - intelligent but very accessible, thoughtful and very rich in ideas to leave you pondering. Click on the images with text to enlarge for reading! her other work is exquisite so do take a look if you can spare a few minutes!

archive july 2007 - Sue Lawty

archive august 2007


The Artist Within Us said...

I not only love stones, but I also enjoy land art. The two are so spiritual and connect us to the earth.

Thank yo for sharing this with us,

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely thoughts Egmont!
Maybe, if you are interested, you could send in 3 photos to the Va and A Egmont. They are still gathering images from around the globe for their site...
they require:
a photo of the beach
a photo of a small stone work
a photo of you doing this work
then you email the 3 images to the site (read on her blog) for their archive that can be viewed - ongoing.

A friend here has just said she will join me when we work out a suitable that's going to be fun. When I read Sue Lawty's blog last night I was surprised how beautifully written it is over 4 or 5 years...and it inspired me to want to get to the beach and do this!

Where I used to live was very close to many sandy beaches with piles of rocks everywhere! Its good to find a reason to make a trip to the shore again!
best wishes,

Mlle Paradis said...

Thanks Sophie! I will check Sue out! Beache and rocks: yes so elemental. Who isn't hypnotised?

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for visiting MP!
Do you get to the seashore?
Love your neighbourhood pics!

Gabrielle Jones said...
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Gabrielle Jones said...

I am going to the beach this week for a short holiday. I am now inspired to join the project. I'll let you see the results

Sophie Munns said...

Do send the photos Gabrielle. Sounds like fun. Enjoy your well-earned break!

The Artist Within Us said...

Thank you Sophie for the encouragement. I hope I have enough time with Thanksgiving Day this coming week and we are hosting. Wish you could be here, along with your daughter.

All my best to you both,

Sophie Munns said...

its lovely to be invited to Thanksgiving Egmont...I've always thought that would it would be interesting to take part in...although, from a film I saw some time ago, based on the stories of 4 families in LA of different ethnicity coming together for Thanksgiving it looked as potentially complicated as Christmas.
I guess thats life though!
S may have me confused with another...I dont have a daughter..just some gorgeous girls that come to my studio for art lessons....all wonderful!